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About Gobelins
The Gobelin as an art work was founded as a dye works in the middle of 15th century, by Jean Gobelin. A tapestry works started by two Flemish weavers, Marc de Comans and Françis de la Planche, called to France by Henri IV in 1601, was later added. In 1662, Louis XIV purchased the Tapestries manufactory and there Colbert united all the royal craftsmen, creating a royal and furniture works. The Tapestries was temporarily closed from 1694 to 1697, after which the works specialized in gobelin. The factory has always been noted for excellence of materials, dyes, and workmanship; it originated the exquisite its blue.

Very famous tapestries from its looms include a set based on copies of Raphael's frescoes in the Vatican and 14 great pieces commemorating the achievements of Louis XIV.

Today, we have milions and millions of gobelin art users and collector around the Globe in many many homes and offices.

Gobelins are manufacturing in one of three basic techniques :

1. Original pieces are manually sewing on sewing bench/frame;

2. The second method is the Silk-Screening or Serigraph process. This is a printing process speedy and cheap.

3. The third method is Jacquard weaving. This is a machine process which reduces much the production time and the cost.

These gobelins from gallery are manually sewing after famous paintings: landscapes, portraits, floral motifs or religious pictures. It is a long involved process taking many months in production, depend by dimensions and difficulty to the original picture.
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